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This pattern helps in finding Medians from a stream of data; however, this pattern is also very efficient in places where you need to maximize item X while minimizing item Y. Like in the famous IPO problem in leetcode.

This pattern uses two Heaps to solve these problems; A Min…


Sliding window is another key pattern, that will help us solve a variety of String and Array problems. The pattern can be broken in 2 sub-patterns; fixed-size sliding window, and dynamic-size sliding window.

In a fixed-size sliding window, the number of elements within the left and right pointers are fixed…

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What is PIP?

PIP is a recursive acronym that stands for “PIP Installs Packages” or “Preferred Installer Program.” It’s a command-line utility that allows you to install, reinstall, or uninstall PyPI packages with a simple and straightforward command: pip.

Installing Python and PIP

  1. Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to download…

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